Mar. 3rd, 2009

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WOW , That episode was Awesome 10/10

Approve / Don't Approve !!

1-Peter finally stopped acting like a dumbass and Used his BRAIN !!!!- I Approve
2-Claire being  tolerable ( apparently all she needed was hot geek in her  room to make her stop whining ) - I Approve
3-ALEX being super cutey and unbelievably  HOT - I Definitely Approve
4-Sandra being an awesome mother - I Approve
5-Lyle !! - I Approve
6-Mr. Muggles and his red sneakers - I Approve
7-Baby Gabriel / Sylar being such a sad puppy ( poor baby boy ) - I Kinda Approve
8-Sylar  screaming Mommy !!!!!!!!!! - I Definitely Approve ( but it was kinda weird  )
9-The Chucks !! - I Approve
10-Luke getting beat up by Sylar ( and hopefully ditched )  - I Approve
11-Angela lying to her son -as usual- I Approve
12-Sasmon Gray ( or whatever his name is ) killing his wife the way he did ( the Sylar haircut ) - I Definitely DON'T APPROVE ( its Ridicules , couldn't he kill her in another way ?!! )
13-Claire's awful clothes , the strange make-up and the horrible wig - I Don't Approve
14-Luke is still alive , WHY ?!!! - i Don't Approve

Random thoughts :

So how old is Sylar ?!! in 3.14 he tells the guy ( his father/ uncle ) that he left them 27 years ago !!  and then last night it was 1980 and Sylar was about 5 years or maybe even 6 , SO Sylar is Older than ZQ ?!!! WTF !!

How Old is Lyle ?!! he already has a driving license so he must be about what 16 ?! which means that he is only one year younger than Claire ?!! (she's 17 according to the latest episode ) haven't they mentioned that the age difference was more than one year ?!!

Why does Luke always looks like he is High or on crack or something ?!! and Why is he still alive ?!!

So Peter asks to trade the info for Matt & Daphne , WHAT ABOUT MOMO ?!! did he totally forget about him ?!!

What's up with the Petrellis' hugs ?!!

The Random/ Strange music ( Rock ?!!) in the flashback ?!!

**Question for my friends , how do you make a link to the parts on the post ?!!


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