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Birthdate:Dec 25
Location:Cairo , Egypt
21, Kinda Crazy , slightly Paranoid ( no UFOs though ) , Student , Believer , Friendly , Funny , Sarcastic , Smart , Geeky , Helpful , Good Driver , a bit Moody , Caffeine Addict , Lazy , Junkie Monkey , Messy , Modest , Realistic , Supportive , might be a Drama Queen , Hates Politics , Hates Traffic , Hates Crazy Drivers , a bit Greedy , Outgoing , Curious , Fangirl , Enjoys being Trivial , Daughter , Sister , With a slightly Bad Memory , Loves Traveling , Physically attached to my Laptop , Stalks L.J , Loves Comments , Enjoys Editing CSS codes/icon making and Excessively uses emoticons[X] This journal is Friends Only , all personal posts are locked but the not so personal posts are not locked

[X] We don't have to like the same ship or read the same things to be friends , as long as you think we have things in common or that we could be friends , feel free to leave a comment here before you Friend me and I will be friending you back ^__^
[X] TV ( current ): Fringe , Flash forward , Castel , Legend of the Seeker , Heroes , House MD , Dollhouse , Grey's Anatomy , Bones ,White Collar ...
[X] TV ( old ) : Alias , BTVS , Angel , Veronica Mars ...
[X] Movies: The Fall , Equilibrium , American History X , V for Vendetta , POC ....
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