Feb. 3rd, 2009

Heroes 3.14

Feb. 3rd, 2009 04:15 pm
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I love HEROES and i will keep watching whatever happens ( i don't mind making fun of it at all )
So i did my best to avoid any spoilers for this Volume ( i spoiled Vol.3 for myself ) and it was a good idea , i was watching and i had no idea what was going to happen ( beside knowing about the whole plane thing )  or who is doing what and when .

Sylar : I was so glad to see that my Favourite  Bad Boy is alive ( although i knew he was ) but i still have no idea how did he survive being killed and having a building fall on him .I was extremely happy to know that he in fact was a Gray  ( i love his name Gabriel Gray )  .I loved the scene when the S.W.A.T or whoever agents were trying to catch him and he kicked their asses and used Elle 's ability .

Peter : he is still gullible but he will always be my Favourite  Good Boy , though  i think his IQ got a little better [LOL] , there was something different with his powers , now he has to touch the person to gain his /her ability but i'm still now sure about that theory  .

Mohinder : Did he change his accent again ??! or that was just my ears ??!!  Anyway i'm glad he has no scales anymore and he has super strength too , I loved how he escaped taking off the door of his cap and using it as a shield was a smart thing that i didn't expect him to do [LOL]

The Ultimate Badass , he is back and betraying everyone ( except his claire-bear )

Angela : I love that woman , She is a manipulative mean bitch

Claire : I hate her more than ever ( she used to be my favourite once ) I wish that she could just drop dead or become mute for some unknown reason .

Nathan :  JERK

Hiro & Ando : i like those guys but i don't care that much and i hope they stop talking in japaness because it started to get on my nerves

Matt & Daphne : I don't care about the first one and i hate that he's becoming a Precog and the other one is just Annoying

Tracy : i don't hate her and i don't love her and she doesn't annoy me ( not like Nikki / Jessica did ) so i hope they keep her

  • I thought it was funny that Nathan betrayed Peter after their hug , it made me LOL  as i remembered the Last time a family member ( their father ) asked Peter for a hug and OFC betrayed him after that . ONE SICK FAMILY 
  • I thought it was funny when Sylar's dad turned out to be his uncle ( not someone that had any significance ) and that his father  wasn't a watchmaker but was Taxidermist which is even  worse than being a watchmaker , Irony

I know my english is bad but its not my native language after all


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