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I NEED a Header for Elle , does anyone here know where i can find one ?! i know i asked [profile] ai_chi  to make me one but am such a lame person , i can't pick any pics for it and i have no idea how i want it to look like :(

So Can anyone here Help me ?! Pretty Please ^_^  - Thanks in Advance :D

Also Pimping This Awesome Meme ;D

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Title: Don't You Think I'm Worth it ?
Elle / Sylar , Elle / Peter  , Elle / Adam  , The Haitian
R ( just to be safe )
She quickly hid the Slush-O and tried to look like she was working.  "Come in," she said
Heroes belongs to Kring , NBC and Whoever ...
None , Totally an AU , Cracky  !!
: Thanks to my friend [info]do_you_like_pie for helping me out with this  ( as usual ) , also huge thanks go to my Awesome friend and Beta [livejournal.com profile] acinogan  who put up with my crappy grammar  ( here is your basket of cookies )

[+]This fic is written for my two lovely friends [info]di_elleand [profile] force_oblique based on some cracky conversation we had that took place  somewhere here on lj , Hope that its what you wanted  ;D
It was just another day at the Company  )
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Title: Writing on The Wall
Author(s): [personal profile] do_you_like_pie & [livejournal.com profile] lemomina 
Characters: Sylar , Nathan!Sylar / Tracy  , Nathan!Sylar / Meredith
Rating: R
Summary: There was nothing more satisfying then that very moment.
Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to Kring , NBC and Whoever ...
Spoilers/Warnings:  AU , Dark theme , Character death . This was written before the Season Final and is  Basically about Sylar being the President as Nathan .
: Thanks to my friend [info][personal profile] do_you_like_pie  for letting me in your fic ( If it was too dark blame me for that ) and I also want to thank [livejournal.com profile] ulaylablue  for being such an awesome friend and Beta-ing this for us . Hope you don't find it too Dark

It was just another fucking boring day at his new life.

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Title: A Monster
Characters: Sylar , mention of Sylar / Elle , Bradly / Melissa ( Two random characters )
Rating: R ( just to be safe )
Summary: He couldn't take the thought of being wrong, that they had somehow succeeded in what he failed in (love), that they made him regret what he had done.
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers up to episode 3.22 , Dark theme , Character death .
Notes:This is my Very first fic i hope you like it ,so please be patient with it . Reviews and comments would be really helpful :) .Thanks to [personal profile] do_you_like_pie for being such a good friend and encouraging me to write . Huge Thanks ( and a basket full of cookies ) to [livejournal.com profile] acinogan for Beta-ing this with her Awesome Punctuation skills and for also encouraging me :)

It had been a while since Sylar .. )
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[livejournal.com profile] ulaylablue  , Since its your Birthday and i consider you a dear friend of mine , not to mention one of my fave SyElle authors , i made you gifts XDDD

Pretty Gifts XD )

Heroes 3.21

Apr. 1st, 2009 01:47 pm
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I hope this one is better than last week  ;D

Let the Ranting begin !!! )

Life stuff :

Exams Sucks !!!  i had 3 exams including today and they were unbelievably bad  and today's was the worst  :/  still have 2 to go :(

A Huge Thank you note to my Friend

[livejournal.com profile] do_you_like_pie  for writing me the Most Awesome fic Ever " Tough Cookie "  , you all should Read it & Comment ( its Syelle )

Edit : Another thank you note goes to [livejournal.com profile] di_elle  for the Hottest GifSpam !! " 26 Reasons to Watch Heroes " - Not Dial up friendly and You NEED to take a DEEP BREATHE - LOL



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With Another Lame - Cringe Worthy Death , Daphne joined the long list of  " The EX-Women  of Heroes "  - Thank you Kring :/
Other than that , i Really liked that episode , it had some " WTF ?!!" moments and some " Meh " moments but overall i liked it alot .

PS: This may not be funny or sarcastic   -as it usually is- due  to my Studying /Exams Mood ,

Lame-ass Ranting !! )

Other than that i won in [livejournal.com profile] di_elle  's game " Buttons " -Yay

I don't like the layout i'm using ( I enjoy the much Darker ones ) but i'm trying to MAKE one but my 1st trial was a fail so i will try again next week

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So yes , i'm still watching that show  but i don't think that will last longer ,

Sylar : He is pretty much the reason i'm still watching that  Ridiculous Show , his lines was some how Cringe worthy ( the Dr.Phill  Bonding he did with Luke  made me Cringe ) and also that Strange memory he has about his father and that strange wagon , so how old was he supposed to be ( at that time ) to still have that memory ??!!  So what he was old enough to remember the wagon thing and forget his father ??!! ( i really need an answer for that question )
Despite all of that , his scene in that SWAT uniform made it all up , The Hotness was enough for me to forget all the stupid lines  ;D
And  TBH , i liked some of the lines , the one when he told him that hes a serial killer and Sylar was like " No " then when he really thought about it  and he was like " Okay i'm technically a serial killer " and the when Luke mentioned " Pie " it reminded me with Elle * sniff *

Claire : I never thought i would ever say that , but her character is somehow getting better , I loved that she finally told Sandra the truth , I loved that Sandra finally took an action and kicked him out of the house ( despite how much i loved HRG ) and not to mention , Lyle finally showed up , i was starting to think they forgot about him ( like all the forgotten characters ) and not only was he there but he also had a LINE , Lyle was there and said something ( other than  MOM , Claire ) he actually said something :D ( i'm so happy for him , LOL )

Tracy : I'm starting to really like her , she looked somehow Badass , i hope they keep her character IMO Tracy is  way better than Niki/Jessica Cringe Worthy storyline . I was a bit confused when she killed that guy , Why did she do it ?? Was she like " you are torturing me and i will kill whoever i get my hand on " Attitude or was she like " I will help you Nathan ( with the fund thing ) so you would help me (let her go or make her part of his operation) " Attitude ??!!

Nathan : I have no idea whats going in his mind , but seems to be not only a Jerk but  a Stupid Dumb Jerk , Way to go Nathan

Hiro & Ando ( WTF !!) : So how exactly did they go to India ??!! Weren't Hiro on " Wanted " list ??!! so they notice Sylar with the traffic surveillance cameras and can't notice Hiro with All the cameras and security they have in the airports ??!! Not to mention it was a lame story ,  Hiro has to travel to India to stop a wedding to prove to himself that he could still be a hero without his superpowers !! Couldn't he just save some family in a car accident in the States ??!! or stop a Thief or something??!! Do these writers think before they write ??!! or are they on crack or something ?!! Not to mention , The Rebel sent a Fax to India for them ??!! WOW

Peter , Momo & Parkman : I was surprised that they appeared only about 1 min or something !!  Peter & Momo are my pretty boys they can't just  have an episode without them ,  You made the fangirl in me MAD .
Did Momo have a line to say ?? I don't remember him saying anything ,  Ugh that ruined my weekly comment on Momo's accent

ALEX : Another Tall ,Geek/Nerd ,Brunet and  with Glasses !!  I Totally APPROVE , Many thanks to the casting crew  , They seem to be the only ones who is doing there job correctly in that show , they always manage to add Hot actors to the cast which make me SO HAPPY ( as you all know that Heroes Hot guys are the reason i keep on watching it ;D ) .
He is like the Younger Modern Version of GABRIEL GRAY  Without the all the mommy , daddy & being Special Issues ( as far as we know ) , I just wish that the writers won't screw his character up with their bad writing or that Claire influence him with her constant whining and then he turns out to be annoying as West .

Luke : I'm still trying to give him another chance to prove himself  ( and its really hard with all the bad lines he has to say ) but at least there is one good thing about him ( as someone else mentioned ) he makes Sylar talk and if i have to put up with Luke annoyance just to hear Sylar Sexy voice , I will put up with Luke ( after all there are more annoying characters on the show that don't even have a use IMO )

The Rebel : So here is what i think other than the possibility that he /she  might be Micah or Hana or that other guy , I think the Rebel knows/ works with a Precog . and here is why , Before Hiro & Ando arrived to India , the Indian girl received a Fax that was sent for them to her address telling them to save Parkman , so that means that the Rebel knew where they were going and where exactly to find them before they even arrive .

Funny Side Notes :

Did anyone notice the Sylar " Eyebrows " change last night ?? We all know that they shoot the scenes not practically in order , So last night there were two different " Eyebrows " look , in a scene you see Sylar with his old bushy  eyebrows and in the next scene you see his Trimmed eyebrows and then another scene and we are back with the Bushy Eyebrows , It was so funny  , it reminded me with Momo's accent that keeps changing each episode .

When Sylar and that Luke kid were in the car and Sylar turned on the radio and that song " Psycho killer "  i  LMAO

Oh ,Wow this is one LONG POST !!
Comments are Really Appreciated ;D


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