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The Live Tweets in Italics & my additional thoughts are in normal font
  1. #That was Sneaky Lydia , me likes =D
  2. #Smart Claire! Yeah like i will believe that :-/
  3. #Is it me or did Hiro lose his mind ?!
  4. #I still have no idea why does Samuel has a British/ Irish accent if he was born in Cayoty Sands or whatever its called – As Far as I know the accent isn’t in genes , you can’t be born in USA & live your whole life in it and then magically get a British / Irish accent D:
  5. #Geek Ando is Cute <3
  6. #Eli is such a creep
  7. #Again . don't try to make Claire smart , CAUSE SHE IS NOT !
  8. #Magical music!! Where did the science go !
  9. #I don't give a shit about Samuel and his Missionary speeches , can we move on ?
  10. #Was there a memo saying that Claire is the lead character ?! did i miss that or what
  12. #SIMON & MONTY !!! Do I spy Heidi too ?! – No she is not Heidi :(
  13. #The Emo bangs are back XD
  14. #Pretty Fireworks for Nathan's funeral !
  15. #Right out of the grave ! Sylar is Super Lulzy XD
  16. #Also is it me or is Sylar very narrow minded ?! – For someone that has the ability of intuitive aptitude , he is stupid , just like every other character in the show *facepalm*
  17. #Yes Claire , putting on make-up is the first thought that would come to me after i come back from my Father's funeral :-/
  18. #Yet another " I hate you Dad , you lied to me .. blah blah " & HRG is like " No Claire-bear i did that for you blah blah "
  19. #Love the " I HATE SYLAR " Speech coming from Claire SFM ! But Hun , you forgot that he killed your Bio!Mom too
  20. #I love Milo's acting in all this , he is doing the " Numb" look so good , I get the same look after sleeping for 14 hours ....
  21. #Paire moment ! Angela doesn't approve ;D
  22. #How many out there thought Peter & Claire were getting in the kitchen to make out ?!
  23. #Is that really your " Pissed " face Peter ?!
  24. #Oh My God , not the " I want to feel normal be normal " speech again Claire ! Did they ask her to just repeat it every episode ? – Actually when I think about it , I think she repeats it 3 times each episode *facepalm*
  25. #West shout-out !
  26. #Is Pete feeling Jealous ?! LOL
  27. #EDGAR <3333
  28. #HRG is Sneaker than you ! Thats a Fact
  29. #Lauren , DO NOT WANT !- Is it me or does HRG get significantly stupid when Lauren is with him ?! first time Eli , now Edgar >_<
  30. #Edgar / Freezer is my new OTP !
  31. #Samuel is such a Pimp !!& Lydia is his whore
  32. #Lydia doesn't approve in being a whore , And she prefers Sythan than Sylar
  33. #I think the soundtrack voices are someone singing in Arabic – She was saying “ Habiby “ which meant “ My Love “
  34. #Oh Lydia he is no baby ! He is a BABE ;D
  35. #What do you think she is doing Sylar ?! She wants to have Sexy times ! lol - Seriously , How can Sylar be so dense ?!
  36. #Yes , Sexy times will make you figure out why you couldn't kill Samuel ! Sex is always the right Answer
  37. #No Sexy times ?! Good , cause that was ODD !! Me not like D: . I like Sythan / Lydia but not Sylar / Lydia ! - And with the end of that scene they simply made Sylar a wuss ! Lydia tells him he is Impotent and he just gets upset like a Biatch and leaves , SERIOUSLY ?!! He should have stayed and pined her to the bed and showed her who is the boss *sigh*
  38. #So now Angela approves on Paire ! LOL XD XD
  39. #Claire helping Peter is something that i can accept ,they are both stupid & really close but Claire helping anyone else is wrong to humanity
  40. #Wait a second ,How many powers that Peter have at one time ?! I'm sure he flied to the scene & now he is doing Haitian mojo – He was sitting on the roof and then magically he was in the office scene , there is only 2 explanations for how he arrived there in such a speed & without anyone notice him leave : 1- It’s a plot-hole . 2- He used the Magic Carpet !
  41. #Peter , I love you , no matter how stupid / dump & naive you are , you still Sweet & Good <33
  42. #Walking away like that after getting shot is very stupid Pete , even for you – He didn’t really walk away but he sat like he was fine & like there was nothing wrong with him , even though they were in a public place and his shirt was covered with blood :-/
  43. #Since when did Claire grow a brain ?! no really , since when ?!
  44. #Back to Edgar , Freezer , Bondage & Tea !
  45. #I don't like Sylar's clean shaved face ! I Love his Facial hair
  46. #Samuel might not know who you really are Sylar, but i'm so sure you don't either
  47. #I approve on Shirtless Sylar but he is nothing compared to shirtless Richard, just saying
  48. #Wow that was fast , so West answered her call and came right away ! really ?!
  49. # FUCK YOU KRING ! Fuck for making Sylar a Peeping Pedo ! FUCK YOU ! I think this is Goodbye , NO MORE HEROES FOR ME !!- Seriously , they made Sylar an obsessed! Stalker , just like Edward-Fucking- Cullen . God , I HATE SYLAIRE SO FUCKING MUCH !!!
  • So as you can see I got Very Very Very pissed at the end of the episode and I think I will stop watching till the season ends then I might catch up , but that depends on how it ends >_<
  • And to get my feeling out i made this -
  • Also the first episode was pretty boring that’s why I didn’t tweet much about it .
  • I can’t stand who they are shoving “ Awesome!Smart!Claire “ down our throats !! Just because they keep giving her lots of screen time , make everyone ask for her help -even though she is just a brat college girl with daddy issues and stupidity problems – Will Not make her Smart or Make me like her !! In fact its making me hate her more , even though it used to be one of my fave characters !
  • PS: I hate Sylaire the ship but not the shippers , specially my friends =) . I know I bash the ship a lot but at the end its my opinion and I have the right to express it >_<
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