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So i did a small friends cut as you all advised me to . For whoever got cut , its not really personal but i believe that you didn't seem to actually care about us being friends or we simply did get along . Also you shouldn't worry about me reading / commenting on your fics or your work on general because good fics / work should be appreciated ^_^

If you think i removed you by mistake please PM me

Sorry if my last posts made any of you uncomfortable or anything like that , i didn't know that my Ranting would cause anyone any trouble - That wasn't the purpose of it , i just felt loaded and i wanted to get it out of my system .I know many of you misunderstood me but i tried to explain myself as much as i can , and i hope in the future you would get to really know me ( I'm a good person , I swear )

Also I changed the layout ( I know am a layout crazy person >_< ) but seriously way too many pretty layouts and one LJ :( . This one would be temp & i will probably change it again soon - Cause i like to use a layout i butchered edited it myself .The New Layout is by [community profile] milou_veronica 

To Do List : ( not in order )- This doesn't include the RL Important  things

- Do the memes

- Start reading P&P&Z ( Can anyone make a schedule with me to read certain pages each day ?! I'm trying really hard to get into Book reading !

- Watch the rest of Firefly ( i watched the first 3 episodes )

- Watch VM for the re-watch

- Watch The Russian movie - Night Watch / Nochnoy dozor  ( what i did ;D )

-  Write the drabbles for the prompts i asked for ( see i didn't forget )

Is there anything else i should do ?!

PS: Its 3 am now , what do you think i do now from this list ?!!

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