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I haven't done this in AGES ! Since Vol.4 Epic Fail Final , so I'm a bit rusty >__<

Random Thoughts & Lulz :

- Aww , Peter staying beside Hiro is really good from you , at least that will make up for what you did to him in S2 ( Remember " Powerless " ?! )

- Pete , Hun , I know you ran out of your " Smart Pills" but i think you already know that using powers in public & disappearing in a public place is a NO NO !

Also , Teleporting in someone else bathroom isn't cool at all , what if someone was using the bathroom ?! HRG or Claire ?! That would have been Totally AWKWARD & EW D: D: - Unless you are a Paire shipper >__<

- Emma : She is good , cute & with a beautiful power but Seriously , I DON'T CARE ! Its been 4 seasons , I can't take another character bitching about her ability & wanting to get rid of it or turn it off :-/

- Hiro , Its been awhile since i liked your character , you were so adorable & not annoying but going back in time to screw things up is making me want you Dead , Yeah I won't miss you even though you used to be one of my fave characters .

- Claire , She is less annoying , now that she doesn't wear the fugly wig anymore or bitch about how HRG isn't a good father & that he doesn't care about her blah blah blah...the same shit she has been whining & bitching about for all the past seasons .
I have a question about her Fashion sense , I'm really hating what she is wearing most of the time ( like the Fugly red dress & strange outfit she wore to lunch with HRG ) , Anywho , did anyone else notice that most of the shirts she wear has buttons on the back ?! They kinda remind me of the shirts they dress crazy people in >__<

- Jeremy or whatever the hell his name is : AWESOME POWER ! Also I'm so sure that he is Luke's long lost twin brother , that maybe both are adopted and where separated at birth ! Wouldn't that be an AWFUL AWESOME plot ?!

- HRG : Isn't He AWESOME ?! He finally wants to help people ( after 20 years of pretending to ) , I liked how he handled the Jeremy situation & acted like a pro in faking his parents' death . I love HRG , no matter how bad of a person he is , I don't care , I like the Not- So Good characters !

Teh Not!Gabriel,Not!Sylar& Not!Nathan Lulz :

- I Spy Teh Not!Gabriel,Not!Sylar& Not!Nathan Taking off his shirt , Take it all off Babe , take all your clothes off *___*

- Dude , YOUR HAIR LOOK AWFUL !! Can Someone please cut it off by mistake ?!

- Call me Nathan ?! Seriously , So you are supposed to be Amnesic!Nathan in Sylar's body ?! But why did Sythan lose his memories in the first place ?! I don't think getting shot & being buried makes you lose your memories , right ?

- Whatever the Hell he calls himself!Sylar in the mirrors room screaming like a girl , made me cringe D: D: . Yes , You are a Monster , you killed your mother , your girlfriend and all these people , Now Get over it & Stop Screaming like a Girl :-/ . Also the Bad Effects in that scene made me even cringe more :-/ .

- ELLE !!!

- Wet!ZQ , YES PLEASE !! MORE PLEASE ?!, Also Was I the only one starring at his pants ( you know where ) while he was in teh water ?! Please tell me I wasn't .

The Carnival :

- Samuel , You are one Mainpulative Bastard but I like you ... For now .

- Edger : Dude , you got totally Owned by ZQ's character ( whoever that is ) . I know the reason behind your jealousy wasn't really explained in the episode & you just seemed like a stupid ass but if any of you saw " Slow Burn " , it will make more sense why Edger got all jealous & bitter .

Briefly , Lydia used to be his assitant in his show or whatever and she also made him run errands for her ( that he did without questioning her ) , which in the end got him in serious trouble with Samuel . So the dude put his ass on the line for her and she ignored him for the new guy . I think thats One hell of a reason to get all jealous & bitter about .

Lydia : I really like you , I find your character interesting , your power interesting and I hate to see you go , SO LETS HOPE SHE WON'T GET THE FATE OF ALL HEROES FEMALE CHARACTERS D:, specially now that you are getting your freak on with Sysy XD *iz green with envy *.

And If you didn't know , She has a teenage daughter ! Its all in the webisodes " Slow Burn "

My Thought on Lydia / Sylar :

- I'm on the fence right now , I'm not hating it & am not jumping on board , I'm just waiting to see what will happen next .

- For all of my friends who are having trouble getting past that new ship , here is what i'm saying to myself :
a) ITS NOT SYLAIRE !! Which is a Huge Plus , IMO - Unless you are a Sylaire shipper ...

b) He is not actually Sylar , He is Nathan ( or whats left of him ) in Sylar's body and since we all know that Nathan was a Man- Whore ( specially when it came to blonds ) , I like to believe that it became a part of Sythan's character , So the Sylar we have atm is a man-whore .

c) They looked kinda Cute

Best Quote : "Don't just stand there! Go get a mop!" <3

[X] To Sum up my feeling about the episode , I found it Pretty Damn Awesome ! I'm So enjoying this season & unlike most people , I like the Carnival people <3

What I like to see Next Episode

- The episode starts with where it ended this week , and No I'm not talking about Samuel/ Edger convo , I'm talking about Lydia taking Sylar to her trailer , I'm Really REALLY Interested in seeing what were they doing ;D

- More Wet or half Naked Sylar , Both would be AWESOME !

- More Smart Peter , Someone needs to get him Teh Smart Pills XD .


- ANGELA ! Its been long since we saw you being HBIC , I also would love to see you freaking out about losing Sythan !

- More HRG , Specially with Tracy ;D , Yes I ship it , now that HRG is divorced , so I don't have to feel bad about shipping him with someone else other than Sandra .

[X] Sorry for the Bad English , Bad Grammar & typos , Its not my native & am doing my best >__<
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