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This is going to be a long post with all my winnings in [livejournal.com profile] heroesland with other comms & fandoms stuff , feel free to skip if you aren't into fandom XD

100-Word-Drabble - I won 3rd place tie for my Peter / Elle drabble ( that could work Sylar / Elle too ) . The prompt was one word of the author's choice , mine was " Pain "

He waits every day in his cell, waits for her to come. He longs for the snippy conversation they share to dilute his mind with fantasies of them together. She was the prettiest thing the Company has to offer. He does not love her, not really, but he definitely loves what she does to him, the pain she causes him, the way she zaps him, fries him and the way she viciously grin that graces her lips while doing it. He loves that feeling, the vision, the moment to where he is alive and here alone dead to the world.

Love Letters - I submitted two love letters & both got 1st place XD , they are kinda cracky & i was given the couples randomly . Big Thanks to Fi , I wouldn't have done it without you ;)

Ando / Daphne ( R rated )


My fair haired nemesis, one of these days I would love to grab you by the back of the neck and kiss you to see how fast your tongue can truly move. We can put those plump lips of yours to work other then you running your mouth, I think I would love that the most. I know you think of me as a reserve man, but I would love to show you the act of love making, the slow and tender way. You know where I am when you are ready to love a real man.


Peter / Issac ( let's say its R rated just to be safe )


I love the way your hand moves when you stroke a bush against the canvas. I love how your eyes get all weird when you get into your zone and you tune out the world. I love how your hair is all dirty looking even when it’s not. I love to listen to you talk, when you are not in your drag haze. I could sit and watch you work for hours, but most of all I love how Simone feels riding on me. Thanks for messing up that, best thing you ever did.

I love you man.

Other winnings :

- 1st place in crosswords
- 2nd place in Bingo
- 1st place in kissing scenes

Graphic related winnings:

[x] I got 2nd place for creating the mod sig . I made her these , she choose the least i like ( the 1st one ) , LOL

[X] I got 2nd place for community headers . I made 2 for Team Peter , the 1st one of them won .

[X] My icons got places too . I got 1st place for [livejournal.com profile] clubheroes icon , 1st place for [livejournal.com profile] teamclaire icon , 2nd & 3rd places for [livejournal.com profile] teamhiro icons and none for Team Peter or Team Sylar , which is funny because i was going to make icons only for those teams ! Good thing that i made more or i wouldn't have won anything >__<

[+] The winning icons ( in order )


[+] The other icons :


See guys , I'm winning lots of challenges , you should totally come join my team , Join [livejournal.com profile] teampeter ;D

Thats Enough for now , the post is going to explode from the amount of Win ;P . Lets hope LJ won't screw the coding up >__<

Random / I have 10 DREAM-WIDTH INVITATION CODES !! if you want one , don't hesitate to ask XD
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