Feb. 25th, 2009

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Apparently  this is the 1st episode in Vol.4 that i actually like   ( thats why i wrote its title ) and the strange thing is  that this episode is hated and thought of as the Worst Episode ever   ( check IMDB board ) not to mention the Lowest ratings Ever ( 6.92 million viewers!  ).

I admit that the Episode was kinda of a dejà vu and almost all the ideas were unoriginal and rehashed from S1 :/

Approve / Don't Approve :( i pasted  " the longest comment ever " lol )

1-HRG centric episode , I Approve
2-Angle & HRG making plans , I Approve
3-Peter finally being a Badass - without having a scar on his pretty face - I Approve
4-No Claire , I Definitely Approve.
5-No Hiro , Ando , Tracy and Whatever useless character they have , I Approve
6-Daphne alive , I DON'T Approve
7-Matt is still alive , NOT USING HIS ILLUSION Power & painting the future ,I Definitely  DON'T Approve
8-NO SYLAR ?!!! I Definitely DON'T APPROVE !!
9-Another explosion - painted on the same spot - LOL !!WTF!! I Don't Approve .

Its Momo's time :
-Finally someone in the show admitted his previous mistakes -YAY-  he admitted that he made mistakes and became a bad person and  he is trying to redeem himself again ,Which was Awesome since most the characters in the show ( & the writers ) seems to forget alot ( like Peter forgetting Catilin !! ) .
-His accent is kinda back to normal ( Vol.3 normal ) , I didn't understand his stunt when he was supposed to hold the agents off , was he trying to get captured or what ?!! because if he didn't , running infront of them was kinda Stupid ( & Lame ).
-I loved the memory with HRG trying to get Momo on his side and telling him about the whole government thing -Why ?!!- Because that made the scene in ( 3.14 were Momo accepts HRG's help and get in the car )  make sense  because other than that memory the last time they met were when Momo shot HRG so it was really strange to see Momo accepting his help .


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