Feb. 11th, 2009

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It was a good episode  but unfortunately i lost my enthusiasm about the show after Sylar killed Elle *sniff sniff *

Again  Sylar  was Awesome and a real badass ,,  I loved how he was just acting cool and drinking his coffee/tea while torturing  that agent , i liked his interactions with Luke and how the two of them are so much alike ( Luke is practically a younger Sylar ) , I don't want them to end up being related ( enough with the family ties ) . I liked Luke alot too , he seems to be interesting ( i hope Sylar doesn't kill him soon ).

I liked the story telling part ( did anyone else notice it ??) When Nathan was talking with Angela on the phone and we got to see the scenes that he was telling her about like a flashback or something ??! I loved Angela's reaction  , she was like you didn't without me so don't come running to me for help .

I wish Daphne would die ( i know she won't , not now at least ) , after what the writers did with Sylar/Elle  love story , i don't want to see any love story in the show , Specially  Matt & Daphne because they have like Zero Chemistry and he looks like her uncle .

I liked that Tracy had good screen time last night  and Claire was okay  i hope she stops whining soon , Hiro & Ando were cool as usual

Momo's accent changed again !!! its different from the one he had in  3.14 

Nathan wasn't only a JERK but also an Asshole .

Peter went a bit crazy last night  ( in the scene where he took Nathan as a human shield ) but he seemed to come to his senses at the end of the episode when he acted as a leader . I also hate his hair now and i never liked the Emo hair of his and  i want Season 2 hair cut  BACK ( same goes for Sylar  & Momo )


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