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I haven't done this in AGES ! Since Vol.4 Epic Fail Final , so I'm a bit rusty >__<

Spoilers , Seriously Bad English , Bad Grammar , Bitching & Some Perve thoughts >__< )
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Uhoh ?!! What the Hell was that ?!! Seriously ?!! What the Hell was that ?!!!

Beside the fact that they ruined the History of the company  and Chandra in less than an hour and giving us a really strange episode that seemed like some strange horror movie that somehow connected to UFOs  there was other  LOL!!WTF!! moments

Seriously ?!!! )

Heroes 3.22

Apr. 7th, 2009 05:47 pm
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'm for some Strange reason still Enjoying the show and  found the episode pretty good , Though it had really bad ratings ( 6 million viewers, 2.6 in the demo )  which means that am one of a few that still  likes the show ( no matter how Fugly it gets )

The Ranting !! )

I'm pimping the Awesomely Funny comm " [livejournal.com profile] heroes_meta " that posts weekly ranting selected from different users ( like myself )

Edited on 9/4

Heroes 3.21

Apr. 1st, 2009 01:47 pm
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I hope this one is better than last week  ;D

Let the Ranting begin !!! )

Life stuff :

Exams Sucks !!!  i had 3 exams including today and they were unbelievably bad  and today's was the worst  :/  still have 2 to go :(

A Huge Thank you note to my Friend

[livejournal.com profile] do_you_like_pie  for writing me the Most Awesome fic Ever " Tough Cookie "  , you all should Read it & Comment ( its Syelle )

Edit : Another thank you note goes to [livejournal.com profile] di_elle  for the Hottest GifSpam !! " 26 Reasons to Watch Heroes " - Not Dial up friendly and You NEED to take a DEEP BREATHE - LOL



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With Another Lame - Cringe Worthy Death , Daphne joined the long list of  " The EX-Women  of Heroes "  - Thank you Kring :/
Other than that , i Really liked that episode , it had some " WTF ?!!" moments and some " Meh " moments but overall i liked it alot .

PS: This may not be funny or sarcastic   -as it usually is- due  to my Studying /Exams Mood ,

Lame-ass Ranting !! )

Other than that i won in [livejournal.com profile] di_elle  's game " Buttons " -Yay

I don't like the layout i'm using ( I enjoy the much Darker ones ) but i'm trying to MAKE one but my 1st trial was a fail so i will try again next week


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