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Note: this post is subject to editing, I didn't feel like ranting but I needed to get it out of my system

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Uhoh ?!! What the Hell was that ?!! Seriously ?!! What the Hell was that ?!!!

Beside the fact that they ruined the History of the company  and Chandra in less than an hour and giving us a really strange episode that seemed like some strange horror movie that somehow connected to UFOs  there was other  LOL!!WTF!! moments

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Heroes 3.22

Apr. 7th, 2009 05:47 pm
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'm for some Strange reason still Enjoying the show and  found the episode pretty good , Though it had really bad ratings ( 6 million viewers, 2.6 in the demo )  which means that am one of a few that still  likes the show ( no matter how Fugly it gets )

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I'm pimping the Awesomely Funny comm " [livejournal.com profile] heroes_meta " that posts weekly ranting selected from different users ( like myself )

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Heroes 3.21

Apr. 1st, 2009 01:47 pm
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I hope this one is better than last week  ;D

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Life stuff :

Exams Sucks !!!  i had 3 exams including today and they were unbelievably bad  and today's was the worst  :/  still have 2 to go :(

A Huge Thank you note to my Friend

[livejournal.com profile] do_you_like_pie  for writing me the Most Awesome fic Ever " Tough Cookie "  , you all should Read it & Comment ( its Syelle )

Edit : Another thank you note goes to [livejournal.com profile] di_elle  for the Hottest GifSpam !! " 26 Reasons to Watch Heroes " - Not Dial up friendly and You NEED to take a DEEP BREATHE - LOL



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With Another Lame - Cringe Worthy Death , Daphne joined the long list of  " The EX-Women  of Heroes "  - Thank you Kring :/
Other than that , i Really liked that episode , it had some " WTF ?!!" moments and some " Meh " moments but overall i liked it alot .

PS: This may not be funny or sarcastic   -as it usually is- due  to my Studying /Exams Mood ,

Lame-ass Ranting !! )

Other than that i won in [livejournal.com profile] di_elle  's game " Buttons " -Yay

I don't like the layout i'm using ( I enjoy the much Darker ones ) but i'm trying to MAKE one but my 1st trial was a fail so i will try again next week

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I was supposed to do my weekly heroes ranting yesterday but i came back from college really tired and i went to bed really early ( 10:30 pm !! can you believe it ?!!! )
Anyway I really liked the episode , i think the show is finally getting on the right track ;D

True Or False ?!! )
Sylar & his Daddy ) .
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WOW , That episode was Awesome 10/10

Approve / Don't Approve !!

1-Peter finally stopped acting like a dumbass and Used his BRAIN !!!!- I Approve
2-Claire being  tolerable ( apparently all she needed was hot geek in her  room to make her stop whining ) - I Approve
3-ALEX being super cutey and unbelievably  HOT - I Definitely Approve
4-Sandra being an awesome mother - I Approve
5-Lyle !! - I Approve
6-Mr. Muggles and his red sneakers - I Approve
7-Baby Gabriel / Sylar being such a sad puppy ( poor baby boy ) - I Kinda Approve
8-Sylar  screaming Mommy !!!!!!!!!! - I Definitely Approve ( but it was kinda weird  )
9-The Chucks !! - I Approve
10-Luke getting beat up by Sylar ( and hopefully ditched )  - I Approve
11-Angela lying to her son -as usual- I Approve
12-Sasmon Gray ( or whatever his name is ) killing his wife the way he did ( the Sylar haircut ) - I Definitely DON'T APPROVE ( its Ridicules , couldn't he kill her in another way ?!! )
13-Claire's awful clothes , the strange make-up and the horrible wig - I Don't Approve
14-Luke is still alive , WHY ?!!! - i Don't Approve

Random thoughts :

So how old is Sylar ?!! in 3.14 he tells the guy ( his father/ uncle ) that he left them 27 years ago !!  and then last night it was 1980 and Sylar was about 5 years or maybe even 6 , SO Sylar is Older than ZQ ?!!! WTF !!

How Old is Lyle ?!! he already has a driving license so he must be about what 16 ?! which means that he is only one year younger than Claire ?!! (she's 17 according to the latest episode ) haven't they mentioned that the age difference was more than one year ?!!

Why does Luke always looks like he is High or on crack or something ?!! and Why is he still alive ?!!

So Peter asks to trade the info for Matt & Daphne , WHAT ABOUT MOMO ?!! did he totally forget about him ?!!

What's up with the Petrellis' hugs ?!!

The Random/ Strange music ( Rock ?!!) in the flashback ?!!

**Question for my friends , how do you make a link to the parts on the post ?!!

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Apparently  this is the 1st episode in Vol.4 that i actually like   ( thats why i wrote its title ) and the strange thing is  that this episode is hated and thought of as the Worst Episode ever   ( check IMDB board ) not to mention the Lowest ratings Ever ( 6.92 million viewers!  ).

I admit that the Episode was kinda of a dejà vu and almost all the ideas were unoriginal and rehashed from S1 :/

Approve / Don't Approve :( i pasted  " the longest comment ever " lol )

1-HRG centric episode , I Approve
2-Angle & HRG making plans , I Approve
3-Peter finally being a Badass - without having a scar on his pretty face - I Approve
4-No Claire , I Definitely Approve.
5-No Hiro , Ando , Tracy and Whatever useless character they have , I Approve
6-Daphne alive , I DON'T Approve
7-Matt is still alive , NOT USING HIS ILLUSION Power & painting the future ,I Definitely  DON'T Approve
8-NO SYLAR ?!!! I Definitely DON'T APPROVE !!
9-Another explosion - painted on the same spot - LOL !!WTF!! I Don't Approve .

Its Momo's time :
-Finally someone in the show admitted his previous mistakes -YAY-  he admitted that he made mistakes and became a bad person and  he is trying to redeem himself again ,Which was Awesome since most the characters in the show ( & the writers ) seems to forget alot ( like Peter forgetting Catilin !! ) .
-His accent is kinda back to normal ( Vol.3 normal ) , I didn't understand his stunt when he was supposed to hold the agents off , was he trying to get captured or what ?!! because if he didn't , running infront of them was kinda Stupid ( & Lame ).
-I loved the memory with HRG trying to get Momo on his side and telling him about the whole government thing -Why ?!!- Because that made the scene in ( 3.14 were Momo accepts HRG's help and get in the car )  make sense  because other than that memory the last time they met were when Momo shot HRG so it was really strange to see Momo accepting his help .


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